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 1. Understanding Company Culture

What is Company Culture?
111 What is Company or Organizational Culture?
112 — What is A Good Organizational or Company Culture?
113 — Culture is “Personality Writ Large”
114 — Some Company Culture Maxims

What is the Structure of Culture?
121 — The Structure of Culture. The Five Levels
122 — Balance the Two Halves of Culture
123 — Evolution and Company Culture
124 — Studies and Reports Will Not Develop a Company Culture
125 — When Competition is Destructive

How Culture Affects What People Do
131 — Why Employees Do What They Do
132 — To Understand Behavior, Look at The Situation — The Culture
133 — Splitting Thought from Action Cuts Profits
135 — First, Understand Who Has The Problem

Why Is Culture Important?
141 — The Benefits of a Good Organizational Culture
142 — What’s The Cash Value of Developing Your Culture?
144 — Can You Change Your Company’s Culture Yourself?
145 — Resilience

2. Understand Your Own Company’s Culture

211 — The Cultural Interview
212 — Culture Questionnaire
213 — How To Draw Your Cultural Landscape
214 — Organization Climate Survey

3. Build the Culture You Want

The Big Picture
311 — 25 Actions to Build Your Culture
312 — The Five Steps to Build an Unbeatable Culture
314 — How Fast Can Culture Change?

Specific Tools
321 — Make Better Decisions
322 — Improve Your Meetings — The “Plus-Delta”
323 — Managing 360 Degree Feedback — The Cultural Approach
326 — Better Employee Performance Reviews
327 — Selecting the Best Candidate for Promotion
328 — Promotions and Transfers

331 — 8 Examples of Successful Culture Change
332 — A Plant Turnaround, The Manager’s Story
333 — Culture Change in Three Days?
334 — Employee Involvement Doubles Plant Productivity — Two Examples

4. Topics and Issues

People, Engagement, Motivation
411 — Morale
412 — Employee Engagement Example
413 — Collaboration, Teamwork and Cooperation
416 — Managing “Resistance” to Change
418 — Building Independence by Shrinking a Large Group to a Working Team
419 — Reduce Turnover, Improve Retention in Retail
420 — Trust: People Won’t Speak Up at Meetings
421 — Aligning Your People
422 — Managing the Problem Employee
424 — Managing Your Boss
425 — Quickly Build An Effective Work Team
426 — The Opportunistic Employee

431 — Improve Safety, Reduce Accidents
435 — Smoother Mergers and Acquisitions — Participation Brings Higher Success Rates
437 — Manage Uncertainty and Change with Adaptability

5. Related Subjects

502 — Bullshit Bingo

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Barry Phegan, Ph.D., Principal, Meridian Group, Company Culture Specialists.

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